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Great reasons, great benefits.
jobilities is a good choice.

jobilities are the personnel service providers, the people that bring people together. In exciting jobs, with interesting roles, in a great working environment. That’s why it’s important to us that both sides benefit from each other and can encourage mutual growth. Hand in hand.

  • We are specialised. The work market in the fields of IT, engineering, business, industry & manufacturing is our home. This is the focus of our work. We know the requirements and desires of our candidates and colleagues as well as our clients and project managers. This means maximum quality and satisfaction. For all those involved.
  • In addition to our candidates and employees having specialist qualifications, personal values and attitudes are important to us, too. We know that a good atmosphere at work contributes to this. After all, work should take place in a pleasant setting with the right colleagues.
  • And when it comes to our clients, we also look for a good, fair treatment of our candidates and employees, and a comfortable working environment.
  •  We provide neutral, market-oriented advice regarding direct recruitment. We have thorough preliminary conversations before we bring a candidate and a client together. Because our goal is to ensure a great match, for both sides. Both in terms of qualifications as well as values and attitudes – and also in terms of compensation.
  • In terms of our project orders, we are good, fair employer. We are contractually bound, with all the associated benefits for our employees. On top of that, our compensation is significantly above average rates in many projects.
  • We are flexible. And that helps our employees, just as much as our clients. Because if there’s a need for change, we can respond quickly and easily.

We are jobilities. We have expressed more about how we think and act in our manifesto.

Our manifesto

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