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How we think. How we act.
We are jobilities.


Our manifesto.

We are jobilities. We are the leading personnel recruitment company in the growth market of mobility. We are proud of working with people, giving them good jobs in safe workplaces and promoting their careers.

We are respectful and appreciative. Every day, we work on making the personnel service world better. For our employees, for our customers, for everyone that comes to us and wants to work with us.

We are curious. Curiosity drives us. We look beyond conventional topics, look for new options and constantly surprise with new, forward-looking solutions.

We are courageous. We take our own path, even if it looks tough at first glance. We know that it isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. And we know that we can do it together and reach the goal together.

We are not perfect. We learn from our mistakes and make things better for the future. We share the experiences from our mistakes and help our team to avoid them in the future.

We are a team. We speak clearly, without hierarchies, give feedback, and are honest, fair and transparent. We trust each other, we work together, we support each other.

We are successful because we do business carefully. We achieve our shared success both with measurable results in a team as well as focussing on the individual progression of each job.

We are proud. Proud of what we do, who we do it for, and how we do it. This pride lets us do our work with pleasure and a smile.

We are your professional home. We are jobilities.

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